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Quick Intro Post

Name: Starr, NaNa, "Pink Tornado", T... I have alot of names. And I have this thing about not liking to be called by my name- it makes me feel like I am in trouble lol

Age: 26

Location: Hammond, Louisiana

Smoking devices: It kind of depends on the green. If it's awesomelyamazing smoke, I prefer a glass piece.  Normallywonderful smoke, a blunt is nice.

Band(s): I know everyone says this... but I honestly listen to everything. My best friend has always told me that my CDs/MP3 players look like they belong to a schizophrenic person

Movie(s): I'm pretty open about this category too. I do, however, have a large soft spot in my heart for musicals and Disney movies though.

Lesbian or bi? Lesbians

Dogs or cats? I've always been "a cat person", but I do love puppies too!

Single or taken? Single. Ugh... not by choice...

Have any tattoos or peircings? I have 4 tattoos, plan to get more. & I've had many, many stabbings... but only have 6 in my ears + my nose + my toungue left

Do you like any other drugs? Sure- some are fine, some are fun. I stick mainly to weed though. Other adventures are few and far between

What are you attracted to? Personality, Kindness & Girls that old people sometimes mistake for boys

Turn ons? Openmindness, Music, Sweet words

Turn offs? Fakeness, Condecendingness, Negativity

Do you believe in aliens? I think it would be vain to assume that *we* are the only life around here

Any pets? My cat (who doesnt live with me right now) + 5 fish


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