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oh man oh man

im so glad this exists homies! you dont even know! ive been on LJ for years and years... just saying hi, thought id tell you lovely people some stuff about me, seeing as how were like-minded women.

i love bongs, sexy girls, good weed-or okay-weed if thats all thats around. im friendly, i love to make music and movies and watch them, and have green parties. i'm living in philly but i rep big VA and i actually write a blog about weed smoking and lesbians so hit me up if you want the link cuz im not trying to be a jerk and be a useless plugger.

Um lets see, favorite way to smoke: gotta be a bong...chiefin ;)
best blaze music: corny remixes, the knife, the gossip, incubus, and NO DOUBT the best band of all time.
best high movie: the chipmunk adventure
1 tat, 9 piercings, so and so, just ask me.

anyways i love being a homo herb lover, i'm trying to bring butch sexy back and make some friends and talk about weed!


crazy with insomnia. 2am. the girlfriend is asleep and i am trying to ignore how every time she breathes a little heavy or stretches or moves, the blanket slips lower down her body revealing places that make it very hard for me to resist waking her up.

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Hey there :)

Name: Samantha
Age: 20
Location: Florida

smoking device: Joints
band(s): P!nk, Kate Nash, Regina Spektor, The Mountain Goats, CoCo Rosie, Joanna Newsom, The Thermals, Johnny Cash, Immortal Technique, Rilo Kiley/Jenny Lewis, Stars, Adele,... I could keep going... but I won't. I will admit that I like a lot of really really terrible pop music. I just can't help myself!
movie(s): Dancer in the Dark, The Devil's Rejects, House of 1,000 Corpses, Shaun of the Dead, Lars and the Real Girl, Mean Girls, Gia, Little Miss Sunshine, Almost Famous, Bound, and pretty much any gory/bloody/low-budget/zombie horror movie ever.
food: I'm a cereal killer. My favorite changes every week.

lesbian or bi? Lezzzz
dogs or cats? Dogs. Ohmygod, I hate cats. I really shouldn't say that. I had a Siamese cat growing up and my girlfriend has a cat... I just... strongly dislike them. Dogs are so much better.
single or taken? Taken, for 3 years <3

have any tattoos or peircings? 9 tats & I have my tragus pierced.
do you like any other drugs? Mushrooms are fun.
what are you (<--- had to change that, 'u' drives me crazy) attracted to?

turn ons? Tomboys and southern accents on pretty girls
turn offs? I answered this like 3 times but I couldn't answer it without being offensive so I'm just not going to answer it :/
do you believe in aliens? Absolutely
any pets? Yes! My baby! Her name is Zombie. She's a 2-year-old Red-nose Pit & I rescued her!
fears? Failure
which is better shampoo or conditioner? I can't choose, they are both wonderful.

anything else you want to say...
It's nice to meet you, ladies!

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Name: Jas
Age: 18
Location: Texas

smoking device: joints n pipes
band(s): radiohead, placebo, the postal service, bob marley (duh)
movie(s): moulin rouge, planet earth, elf, chicago, across the universe, shaun of the dead
food: chocolate chip cookies (favorite munch), chinese food, not beef or pork.

lesbian or bi? very very gay.
dogs or cats? cats.
single or taken? single

have any tattoos or peircings? no, but i'm getting a monroe this summer.
do you like any other drugs? nope. don't drink or smoke cigs either. just weed.
what are u attracted to? andro, femme, sort of butch... ish. older women.
turn ons? wit, humor. intelligence. also, a pretty smile. :)
turn offs? insecurity
do you believe in aliens? sort of idk.
any pets? 3 cats.
fears? pedestrians.
which is better shampoo or conditioner? both? why? 

New Pages!

Here are some new pages that I added to the hooch site recently. Durban Poison Marijuanna Seeds are native to South Africa. Super Skunk Marijuanna Seeds have a notorious and pungent aroma. Easy Rider Marijuanna Seeds are an Indica-Sativa hybrid.

Durban Poison Cannabis Seeds

Poison Cannabis Seeds

Aniseed licorice taste.

Super Skunk Cannabis Seeds

Skunk Cannabis Seeds

Notorious pungent aroma.

Easy Rider Cannabis Seeds

East Rider
Cannabis Seeds

Indica-Sativa Hybrid

the first words from the herbal enthusiast.

i'm maso.
i'm the new girl :]

Name: maso.
Age: 18
Location: cannabis/cannaduh

smoking device: 2' handpainted glass, Lucy (like Lucy in the sky with diamonds)
band(s): radiohead, portishead, pendulum, tosca, tteotd, bodom, LoG, wu-taaang, beastie boys, yada yaaah 
movie(s): too many to choose! im nat payin attention anywayss
food: lucky charmss
lesbian or bi? everyone can be sexy. lookz, gendrrr dont matter. but it matters to me whether ur a good person or not
dogs or cats? dogs!!
have any tattoos or piercings? 5 tats
do you like any other drugs? other than mary jane... very little
what are u attracted to? lsd, shroomsies, hash, salvia, haha that about it yoo
turn ons? balanced people, serious people who can still joke around.
turn offs? too much seriousness.
do you believe in aliens? sure lol
any pets? 1 doggie ^_^
fears? zombies. shark attacks.. the usual
which is better shampoo or conditioner? lol both are pretty important

kay, so aside from that lame survey.. im maso. normally, people would call me a bisexual stoner, but thats not exactly my case. first off, i'm not bi. i don't go crazy for every sexy girl and every hot guy that walks by me. im kinda weird that way, actually. i fall for close friends, people i've known for a long time that i've gotten to know and to love. sometimes they're girls, sometimes they're boys. but no matter who they are, they always mean something to me. i call it 'pan'sexual hahaha
like my love 'pans' out across the world. (i was hiigh waddaya want from meee) secondlyyy... i am not a stoner. i prefer the term: herbal enthusiast. and its a more politically correct term for people like us. i can put it on business cards, gym memberships.. haha its great! try it out ladies. its yours. well, not really.

Hey! New to the group.

Name: Bonnie Fiona
Age: 21. (But 22 in May.. which is coming up! I prefer to think of spring as close anyway. It gets me through the cold)
Location: Kingston, CANADA

smoking device: my bong. My only device in fact. I lost my pipe, and my bong has a crack in it :(, so I'm going to have to fork the cash and get some new equipment! 
band(s): Radiohead, Portishead, The Strokes, Mazzy Star, Elliot Smith, The Smashing Pumpkins, Jazz, House, Funk, SOUL. Although I don't have enough music, and would love to have someone to share their tastes with me!
movie(s): There Will Be Blood, Punk Drunk Love, Clueless, Billy Madison, etc...
food: veggie stuff, and I LOVE fruit! Clementines, grapes, pineapple, and of course juicy APPLES are always delectable when high!
lesbian or bi? Lesbian.
dogs or cats? Both! They're so different and cool in their own ways.
have any tattoos or piercings? Nil! Except for my ears. Or does that go without saying? But nah, I'm not cool that way.
do you like any other drugs? I might try shrooms some day. But weed seems to be the only match for me, with the additional drunken night once and a while.
what are u attracted to? Mmm.. curves. I love breasts and thighs and hips and lips.
turn ons? All of the above! And someone who is openminded, kind, adventurous, with a good head on her shoulders.
turn offs? Pretentious, cliquey, judgmental lesbians, and all other people that display those characteristics. I sound pretty judgmental myself there though ehh?? Well, I don't expect anyone to be perfect. And I think everyone has beautiful qualities even if they aren't my favorite.
do you believe in aliens? For sure! 
any pets? One cat, Syd, who I share with my housemates. I have a dog and two other cats living with my mum at home too.
fears? I'm afraid of disappointing my family.
which is better shampoo or conditioner? Shampoo is nice because it's refreshing to the scalp, but I love putting conditioner on and feeling the warm water wash it away, leaving behind soft, smooth hair. Ahhh :)

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