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ME =}

Age: 18 years young
Location: Michigan

smoking device: elley, my elephant bowl =]
band(s): oh lord, i love it all! alternative, classic, rap, haa basically everything but country!

movie(s): horror movies are my favorite, comedy, and ofcours, im a sucker for chick flicks!

food: well, im a strict vegetarian, so i love my veggies lol, and chinese too!

lesbian or bi? lezzi =]
dogs or cats? dogs
single or taken? its very much complicate =[

have any tattoos or peircings?  two tats on my chest, one on my wrist, and one on my rib cage, and a shit ton of peircings, tragus, industrial, monroe, tongue, nose, 00 gauged ears, my cartliage, and 2 holes above my gauges!

do you like any other drugs?
i love shrooms, and acid, but i dont do those very often, haha just a casual toker!

what are u attracted to? women! lol i've mostly been with more of  the tom boy type, but femme girls are great too, i love a girl with a shinning personality, lol i love sarcasm, just someone who is wild and outgoing, not affraid to have a good time!

turn ons? tattoos/peircings, haa i love a girl with some ass and thighs!, a really great personality, im a sucker for green eyes, i love it when a girl is down with smoking, acid, shrooms, haha i love a girl with nice teeth too!

turn offs? bad hygiene, a girl who's judgemental as fuck, also a girl who gives a fuck about what society thinks of her, and her relationship, i hate that...

do you believe in aliens?  oh forrsure, without a doubt!

any pets?  i've got a few, definately a animal lover!

fears? being alone in the woods in the dark!

which is better shampoo or conditioner?  conditioner! are you kidding me?



Sprin iz just around da corna, so i've spitz up wiv da brainiest plan. I iz savin up all me moolar to send away fe some heavy safe gange seeds. Whun dey arrive in da post, i'll plant dem in da ground, an' grow dem up into tall, strong erbal remedy plants. Thun i'll harvest da gange head, an' invite all me boys ova fe da blin masseave party. We'll smoke our bangin erbal remedy, an' laugh, an' ave quillions of wicked.

She Drives Me Crazy...

So I moved to this area almost a year ago now, and when I started high school, the first person I really noticed, was this girl. She was in my Choir class, and she was just...handsome i guess is the only way to really describe her. I ended up meeting her about a month later, but by then, I had developed a little crush on her. We talked, and and mutual friend has told me that she was a lesbian. He proceeded to act as a messenger between us, and made it his mission, to get us to go on a date.

Well, a week later, we did. We went to see a movie, and had dinner at a Chinese place. Although we went dutch, and I sort of felt like it wasn't a real date, one of her friends came up to me the next day at school, and asked how our "date" was. We talked more after that, but suddenly, she just pulled away.

We haven't really talked since our Date in December, but I still feel strongly for her. The other day, I saw her driving to work, and later, that mutual friend had sent me her number for one reason or another. I had smoked a few hours after that and during my moment of stoner clarity, I've come to the conclusion that maybe I should try and get something going again. Or atleast remind her i'm not dead. ._.

I don't know...what would you ladies do?

New Girl. <3

Name: Sami Ann
Age: 17 1/2
Location: Wisconsin.

smoking device:  My Pipe Temptress.
band(s): Current are A Day To Remember; The Spill Canvas; We The Kings; New Found Glory; All Time Low; Escape The Fate; Linkin Park; Bob Marley; Bob Dylan.... My Tastes Change Fast.
movie(s): Don't Have Any Favorites, And I Havn't Seen Anything Good Lately.
food: Subway. Yum.

lesbian or bi? Bi, Leaning More Towards Lesbian.
dogs or cats? Kitties. :3.
single or taken? Single Now.

have any tattoos or peircings? No Tats, But 7 Piercings. (Two In Each Lobe, One In Each Cartlidge, and My Tragus)
Do you like any other drugs? LSD, Shrooms, XTC, But I havn't tried them yet.
what are u attracted to? Girls who just don't give a shit. Be Assertive Ladies!
turn ons? Smoking, necking, Intelligence, Bod Mods...I'll think of more later.
turn offs? I Can Understand A Bad Day, But Don't Be A Bitch For No Reason. D:
do you believe in aliens? I Do.
any pets? A Doggy And A Kittie.
fears? I'm Deathly Afraid of Semis.
which is better shampoo or conditioner? Shampoo. Deff.

anything else you want to say...
:3 Let's Be Friends?

<img src="http://i257.photobucket.com/albums/hh205/xXxRainxXxDancerxXx/SamiAnnIsTheSex/MYDC1066.jpg" >

A Rose

I watched the rose peddles fall on my floor so many memories lost that way.
How the years have gone by since I watched my first rose wither with all my
love I tried to keep it alive. Thought about it as I sat there in my chair
dreaming of days past. It is funny how you remember those days now about to
be married I feel so fulfilled this rose some how is different. IT has a
real meaning to me it means love real love not just any ordinary love.

The redness of it reminds me of the soft tender kisses and the feeling of
her mouth on mine especially when I am not feeling well. The softness of
her skin like a smooth cream. Always so inviting making me feel like I am
finally home when I am in her arms. She is so strong but at the same time
so tender with me she is everything I ever wanted in a woman. Before you
paint a scene of us in your head let me tell you my lover is a butch and I
am a soft butch. Ok that said I can continue.

As I sit here now and stair at the rose I dream of all the passionate
nights I have had. I sat in my leather jacket and a black thong which is my
favorite. There is nothing like black leather the hard feel of it the smell
of it to make you feel free as you ride the wind on a bike the freedom that
makes you feel a live if not for a second in life. I turned then to face my
lover and she smiled at me and I smiled back I had a wonderful surprise for
her waiting. I went in to our bed room got dressed in a pair of blue jeans
and a red t shirt and told her to follow me.

We walked out to the street where I pulled a tarp off of a new bike that
shone with the fresh new baby blue paint I had it pained for her with red
flames. With black velvet seats it was so hot I couldn't believe it was
ours and I smiled and handed her a helmet. That was blue and white and
matched mine. She smiled and took me in her arms and kissed me passionately
with out a word we both got on it and I held on to her almost in a hug and
she started up the bike. We rode to a deserted area I knew and she turned
around on the bike and balancing it started to finger fuck me as I rubbed
her shaven head and kissed her so longly. I could not help but think how I
wanted this for so many years.

Then I slipped my fingers inside her leather pants and played around with
her clit until I felt the heat and juices dripping down my fingers and I
kept feeling her. I stuck a finger inside her to feel her warm insides god
it felt like bliss.

I looked around the deserted road it was so quite and the stars were
shining it was so perfect. "I love you" she said as I staired into her blue
eyes some times I think I can fall right into them. She reached into her
pocket and pulled out a small box I knew it had to be jewelry I loved
jewelry so much. " I know this has been coming for sometime but will you
marry me?" she asked as sweat beat down her forehead. I smiled and hugged
her yes I will I said. We got back on the road and road into the early
morning it wasn't until one am when we got back to our house.

I felt like the happiest woman alive on earth I finally had
everything I ever wanted a warm home with our cat and each other. I took
off my clothes with a smile on my face and climbed into bed soon I would be
the wife of the one person in this world that matter so dearly to me. That
I would die for and more.

The next morning I woke to breakfast made on my nightstand I was in awe and
a half a dozen roses and a poem on a slip of paper. I looked over and there
was my butch daddy standing in the door way already dressed in a t shirt
and dark blue jeans and work boots. She walked over to me and kissed me
tenderly. "How is my wife to be?" she asked as I staired at her "very well"
I said looking at her she was the most beautiful thing I had every seen.

The rest of that morning few by in a blur I don't remember what else
happened now I sit here and think about it.

Now I sit here in my chair and look at the last rose and stair at its red
pedals and pray that our marriage will be great as I scroll threw wedding
dresses on the computer.Oh... well she is home I have to go make her dinner
Read more at lesbian dating lesbian stories

Jan. 22nd, 2010

Name: Shannon Tiare
Age: 24
Location: Anaheim, CA

smoking device: bongs or pipes
band(s): the Beatles, the Carrie Nations, David Bowie, Frank Zappa, Roxy Music, the Melvins, T. Rex, Black Sabbath, Mr. Bungle, the Doors, John Lennon & George Harrison's solo stuff, the Professionals, New York Dolls, Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers, Primus, Public Image Ltd., Adam Ant (with and without the Ants), Slaughter & the Dogs, Discharge, Cock Sparrer, etc.
movie(s): Brazil, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, Barton Fink, anything w/ John Turturro or Bruce Campbell, anything Russ Meyer & the Coen Brothers, Evil Dead 2, 200 Motels, the Room, Ed Wood movies, John Waters movies, lotsa B movies, any bad movie on Lifetime, way too many.
food: Italian & Mexican & my own.

lesbian or bi? leaning towards the former.
dogs or cats? both.
single or taken? single.

have any tattoos or peircings? septum.
do you like any other drugs? acid & mushrooms.
what are u attracted to? nice cans, tiny waist & big hips. a womanly natural figure.
turn ons? hands, eyes, lips, noses, cute bellies, a nice voice, consideration and affection, openness, a sense of humor
turn offs? clandestine behavior, pretension, flakiness, using "fail" and "win" to describe things.
any pets? two cats.
fears? tapeworms and failure.
which is better shampoo or conditioner? you can't really have one without the other, methinks.
pictures and stuff.Collapse )

Quick Intro Post

Name: Starr, NaNa, "Pink Tornado", T... I have alot of names. And I have this thing about not liking to be called by my name- it makes me feel like I am in trouble lol

Age: 26

Location: Hammond, Louisiana

Smoking devices: It kind of depends on the green. If it's awesomelyamazing smoke, I prefer a glass piece.  Normallywonderful smoke, a blunt is nice.

Band(s): I know everyone says this... but I honestly listen to everything. My best friend has always told me that my CDs/MP3 players look like they belong to a schizophrenic person

Movie(s): I'm pretty open about this category too. I do, however, have a large soft spot in my heart for musicals and Disney movies though.

Lesbian or bi? Lesbians

Dogs or cats? I've always been "a cat person", but I do love puppies too!

Single or taken? Single. Ugh... not by choice...

Have any tattoos or peircings? I have 4 tattoos, plan to get more. & I've had many, many stabbings... but only have 6 in my ears + my nose + my toungue left

Do you like any other drugs? Sure- some are fine, some are fun. I stick mainly to weed though. Other adventures are few and far between

What are you attracted to? Personality, Kindness & Girls that old people sometimes mistake for boys

Turn ons? Openmindness, Music, Sweet words

Turn offs? Fakeness, Condecendingness, Negativity

Do you believe in aliens? I think it would be vain to assume that *we* are the only life around here

Any pets? My cat (who doesnt live with me right now) + 5 fish


Nov. 12th, 2009

Name: Audrey
Age: 17
Location: Miami FL

smoking device: vaporizer to stay on the healthy side, but blunts make me feel great lol
band(s): Grizzly Bear, Iron and Wine, Devendra Banhart, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, list goes on
movie(s): A lot of Wes Anderson and Quentin, Willow, The Time Bandits, A Fish Called Wanda, a LOT more.
food: sushi and baked goods

lesbian or bi? bi
dogs or cats? DOGS
single or taken? single

have any tattoos or peircings? nose piercing, waiting until i'm 18 for a tat. 
do you like any other drugs? shrooms
what are u attracted to? great taste in movies, sense of humor, kind hearted, out doorsy. 
turn ons? great smile, stoner, great conversationalist 
turn offs? closed minded and superficial people
do you believe in aliens? " George Washington was in a cult, and the cult was into aliens, man. "
any pets? 2 dogs <3
fears? sharks and torture?
which is better shampoo or conditioner? shampoo

anything else you want to say...

PicturesCollapse )